Воображение - чертовски похотливая штука ||| Cousin Miguel was never an option (с)
увидела прямо перед сном, такштэ перевод, если кому надо, просите индивидуйно

Thank You Hoechlin is a video project to tell Tyler Hoechlin how much he has inspired us and how thankful we are to him.

This video will be given to Tyler and screened at Wolf Moon in September, a weekend after his birthday. Tyler loves to hear stories from his fans, what inspired them, what he did to make a difference; they keep him going and make him work harder. I think a project like this will be a very sweet birthday present that will stay with him forever.

How is it going to work?

We’ll have two video versions of this project; a short and a longer one. The short version will be screened during Wolf Moon, with the amazing help of the organizers. The longer version will be given to Tyler on a DVD/USB.

The short version will be the size of a song and the footage will be very selective and cut down to allow everyone a bit of screen time. Meanwhile, the longer version will try to include everything and be a mashup of some of Tyler’s favorite songs.


// Send a video message with:
  • One/Two Sentences for Hoechlin (Example: You inspired me to not give up when ___);
  • Thank you in English or your mother language;
  • Happy Birthday in English or your mother language.
These can be all in the same video if you give breaks of at least 3 secs between them. You also don’t need to show your face, if you don’t want to. You can record yourself drawing something or write your message on a paper while you say it. Be creative!

// If you’re going/went to a con:

  • Send me a footage of something Hoechlin/Derek centric (fanart, cosplay, etc);
  • Gather a group and make something fun (Example: everyone jumping, make a heart shape with hands, shout out “happy birthday”, etc.)
  • Mako and Anna will be at the Paris Con this weekend and they will be ready to record some things with everyone that wants to join the project! You can bring your fanart, your cosplay, maybe a happy birthday hat and they will gather everyone and make something fun!

  • Mako, Anna, Qhuinn and I will be at Wolfs Bane 2 where we will be also shooting some fun group videos!

// Technical specifications:
  • Videos will have to be 16:9 aspect ratio, preferably 1280x720;
  • Please be sure that your video is bright enough, dark videos are no fun and they’re very hard to work with!
// Send your videos to:
  • You can upload your videos as an unlisted video on youtube or upload it on mediafire/mega/4shared/dropbox and send them to thankyouhoechlin@gmail.com
  • Write down on your email message: Name/Age/Country. If there’s enough time, I would like to make a little booklet to go along with the DVD and include this;
  • Please make sure to add your username on Tumblr or Twitter, if you prefer for me to contact you that way in case something goes wrong (this information won’t be added anywhere on the project).
Submissions will close on 1st August to give me some time to compile and edit the video, while dealing with possible technical problems.


This project revolves around inspiration, naturally that’s the theme you should consider for your video message. That said, please respect the following steps:
  • No messages about his physical aspects, I’m sure he gets enough poetry about his eyes;
  • If it’s something that you wouldn’t tell anyone besides your best friend, then don’t do it. Some things should stay private;
  • No mentions of ships or other characters from Teen Wolf. This is about Tyler and Tyler only. You may obviously talk about his previous works;
  • Be respectful, especially about his work and coworkers. No shade/wank will be included.

Every video sent to me won’t be uploaded anywhere else.

Be sure to tell me if you don’t want your message to be screened at Wolf Moon or if you want me to only consider the “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” parts to screen in public.

If you wish to record a special message to Tyler, no longer than a minute, that footage will never be considered for the short version and, therefore, it will never be shown in public.

Please keep in mind that I will have to watch all videos, so don’t send me something that you would prefer to stay just between you and Tyler. Save that moment for when you meet him or ask a friend to give him a letter.

@темы: Wolf Moon Con Madrid 2014

2014-07-02 в 06:21 

Почти как Дэвид Бекхэм, только Джей
черт, это так мило

2014-07-02 в 06:24 

Воображение - чертовски похотливая штука ||| Cousin Miguel was never an option (с)
Джей, до-о-о))
Жаль. я нефотогеничная скотина с гнусавым голосом и отвратительным чсв, чтобы чо-та такое записать))
Но блин, это милота до крайности) как весь Тай)

2014-07-02 в 06:54 

штиль страшнее.
оу! как мило))

2014-07-02 в 10:51 

Von Dutch
Nothing will ever stay the same// Караоке - оружие массового уничтожения (с)//sexy little swine
Какая прекрасность! :heart::heart::heart: Я б даже поучаствовала

2014-07-02 в 10:54 

Liberalium artium magister
а я поучаствую наверное! =3

2014-07-02 в 11:12 

Umi no Iruka
[Мыслящий тростник]~[Toledo]~[Ебал я твою логику, Спок!]~[dylan o'crying]~[голубоглазая Шарлотта]
Оооо, это реально супер-мило!
Я тоже, думаю, поучаствовать)

2014-07-02 в 15:53 

Воображение - чертовски похотливая штука ||| Cousin Miguel was never an option (с)
Я вообще хотела замутить такую штуку - но это по городам локально надо собраться всеми сходками. Типа в камеру говорит какой-то один чувак что-то на подобие: "Спасибо Хеклину за то, что он такой офигенный актер и замечательный мохнатый дядка", а потом камера перемещается за спину говорящего - а там вся толпа из этого города в плакатами и визгами по-русски благодарят и поздравляют с Днем рождения.


2014-07-02 в 16:22 

Umi no Iruka
[Мыслящий тростник]~[Toledo]~[Ебал я твою логику, Спок!]~[dylan o'crying]~[голубоглазая Шарлотта]
Это было бы супер)))

2014-07-02 в 16:41 

штиль страшнее.
а я тоже кое- что придумала*) попробую воплотить....
я в городе у нас к сожалению одна*(

2014-07-03 в 00:01 

Thank god for fanfiction `cause I can`t stand canon! ]:->
прикольно придумали! Надо обмозговать это дело))

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