Воображение - чертовски похотливая штука ||| Cousin Miguel was never an option (с)
А чо все молчат, когда ФОТОГРАФИИ ВЫЛОЖИЛИ?!?!?!!!!!

(и сразу наши красоточки - самые первые *_*)

ПС Правда, за кажду еще по 5 или по 5,5 евро <_<

From now on you will be able to acquire the digital Photo Ops, which you can see in our website: www.zarataevents.com/WolfMoonCon/gallery/tyler-...

The cost of each photo is €5 if paid through bank transfer and €5,5 if done with PayPal. Those interested in acquiring them must follow these steps:

- Note down the codes of the photos you want.
- Make the bank transfer or through our PayPal account showtime@zarataevents.com
- Send us an e-mail to this address: wolfmooncon@gmail.com indicating the codes of the photos and attaching the receipt of your payment.

Please, remember to put your name in the transfer so we can send you the correct files.
Take in mind that you only can acquire your own photo ops, not others.

Gracias / Thank you

Zarata Events.

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